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Product Overview

This top quality printed Michigan state flag is made in the USA. Made from durable heavyweight nylon, they are finished with a strong canvas heading and 2 brass grommets for enhanced durability and security on the flagpole. These Michigan state flags look great both outdoors and indoors.

3'x5' Indoor/Parade style Flag is available with pole hem, leather tabs and gold fringe. Other size Indoor/Parade Flags are available but not offered on our website. Call Customer Service for sizing, price and availability. Call (734) 432-0800

All of our world flags are priced according to the intricacy and detail of the the flag artwork and amount of matreials used to produce the flag. (A) through (D) each flag is classified in the SKU directly below the price. The price grid can be viewed in the 'View Images' section.

State Flag Classification Price Grid