Internal Halyard

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• Cast aluminum construction for use on rope style internal halyard flagpoles.
• Small pulley assembly is added to the inside of a standard outrigger style truck to allow the halyard to feed from inside the flagpole.
• The pulley assembly has a 1-7/16" outside diameter cast nylon pulley on a 1/4" stainless steel axle and is held in place inside the truck by a 5/16"-18NC stainless steel set screw.
• The truck has a 2" outside diameter cast nylon pulley on a ¼" stainless steel axle and is designed to slip over the top of the flagpole and be secured with three 5/16"-18NC stainless steel set screws.
• The top of the truck will accept an ornament with 1/2" threading as standard.
•The ornament is held in place by a size 10-32 stainless steel pan head screw.
• Maximum rope diameter is 5/16".

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Internal Halyard


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